Writing Samples

Tour De Queens: A Leisurely Stroll Through My Borough on Two Wheels (July 15, 2015 — When Nutmeg Met Basil)

After riding in the 20-mile Tour de Queens sponsored by bike-forward nonprofit Transportation Alternatives, I shared my insights on the ride, along with photos and videos.

Palisades Park, New Jersey, USA (October 13, 2014 —When Nutmeg Met Basil)

In Palisades Park, New Jersey, leaves crunch underfoot, and hawks circle overhead. At the overlook, a sheer cliff face drops down to the Hudson. This welcome respite from urbanity is closer to NYC than you might imagine.

Inspiring Women in Communications (March 2014 — Design on the Haus)

I conceptualized, planned, and wrote these three interviews with prominent women in the design and communications field in celebration of Women’s History Month 2014.

Dr. Sidney Gilman: A Professor Led Astray, But By What? (December 17, 2012 — CompliancEX)

In this article I examined the potential psychological motivations that drove esteemed researcher and professor Dr. Sidney Gilman to illegally share insider information with SAC Capital trader Matthew Martoma.

Don’t Be A Twinkie In Your Career (November 19, 2012 — CompliancEX)

As Hostess Brands announced its likely bankruptcy, social media erupted with lamentations over the probable demise of one of America’s most iconic foods. I took a look at what Hostess could have done differently– and what career lessons individuals might glean from the situation.

Risk Management Is Freedom: An Interview With Author David Koenig (September 21, 2012 — CompliancEX)

In this interview, author and CEO of the Governance Fund Advisors, David Koenig explained the principal concepts presented in his book, Governance Reimagined: Organizational Design, Risk, and Value CreationKoenig’s research suggests that a realistic understanding of risk is the key to freedom in decision making, and that most businesses drastically underestimate the power of fear over customer choices.

Denise Shull’s Revolutionary Approach To Risk (June 29, 2012 — CompliancEX)

I spoke with author, former trader, career consultant, and neuroscience student Denise Shull about her book, Market Mind Games: A Radical Psychology of Investing, Trading, and Risk, published by McGraw-Hill in January 2012. We discussed her groundbreaking research in managing risk, the true motivator of Wall Street’s worst decisions (it isn’t greed), and how the market is your parents for many investors.

New Taste of the Upper West Side Offers Preview Of A West Side Summer (June 7, 2012 — Wall Street Job Report)

After attending New York City’s New Taste of the Upper West Side, a food and restaurant festival celebrating the culinary diversity of that neighborhood, I shared tidbits from the event as well as my conversation with Gael Greene, legendary West Side restaurant critic, who may or may not have coined the term “foodie.”

What To Do When You’ve Been Laid Off (May 30, 2012 — Wall Street Job Report)

If you’ve ever been fired or let go, you know that an emotional tempest usually follows the news. Rushing into the job search immediately is not the best strategy, according to career coach Roy Cohen, with whom I spoke in order to mine his expertise for this career advice article.

The Clown of God (May 3, 2012 — When Nutmeg Met Basil)

In this creative piece, I recount a moving experience I had on the N train.

Make These Three Mistakes, And You Can Lose Your Job Before Your First Day (April 24, 2012 — Monster Working)

In this commentary, co-published on the Wall Street Job Report and Monster.com’s Career Advice blog, I weigh in with my opinion on the case of Kristopher J. Brooks, a recent journalism school graduate whose job offer was rescinded because of his online conduct.

Job Search Tips from Michael Weston (March 21, 2012 — Wall Street Job Report)

If you’ve ever watched Burn Notice on the USA Network, you know that the show’s protagonist–burned spy Michael Weston–never takes no for an answer. Whenever his character encounters any difficulties in enacting his master plan (and he always does), actor Jeffrey Donovan calmly and coolly describes the next step in his trademark witty voiceover. Do you ever wish that his voiceover would pop on in the midst of a difficult situation in your life? If so, take a look at these job search tips taken from the character and adventures of Michael Weston (complete with comment from the show’s creator, Matt Nix).

New York Wine Expo 2012: A Feast For The Senses (March 7, 2012 — Wall Street Job Report)

I attended the massive New York Wine Expo at Javits Center and reported on the wines I tasted and the characters I encountered.

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